I have successfully launched over a dozen businesses in the last 20 years.
I will help you create change in your business, overcome obstacles, and grow your business through frameworks that hold you accountable, by using my entrepreneurial skills and experience, paired with my knowledge in niche marketing and sales.


What Our


Clients Say

The specialized attention, outstanding customer service, very knowledgeable, and overall pleasant experience.

Kimberly Dee

Founder, President, CEO at Light of Kimberly

I highly recommend working with Susan! She is very knowledgeable and informative and had lots of ideas for me and my new business venture. She gets my seal of approval!

Yvonne Pavlik

Owner of Portarit Princess

I would recommend Steer Business Consulting in a heartbeat! I received so much knowledge and direction from our first meeting! Efficiency and accuracy are very important to me and that’s what I received! Thank you.

Jacqueline Battaglia

Gut Health Advocate

Susan Miller gave me some really sound business advice on a new business venture I am considering. She gave me some key points for my business plan. I trust Susan as she has more than 35 years experience in working with smaller businesses.

Susan Frederick Cada

Susan Miller has this unique ability to tap into your business and recommend what is needed for its ultimate success! She has help me exponentially with my interior design business, Resulting in new clients and increased profits! She takes the time to review every element of your business model to improve and guarantee incredible results. If anyone with a business is having difficulty during this dreadful Covid time in our lives with their business, she is definitely the person to contact.

Jeanette Kirsch

Owner of Alexander Interior Designs

Susan Miller has educated me and motivated me to keep working! She listened to every concern I had, educated me regarding options for small business support and helped me develop my “next steps.” Her ability to focus on my individual goals, provide options and support my decisions has been life-changing. She gave me the confidence and plan I can follow and be successful!

Heather Waters

Owner of Kona Ice Pittsburgh West

When is comes to business and marketing Susan was very helpful in directing me with finding my niche. It was helpful to hear a different perspective. After our conversation I was encourage and ready to give my clients a renewed vision. I am truly thankful for the experience.

Lytia S. Brock

Lytia Brock Life Coaching

for Speaking Events