a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth.

There is no better description for Susan Miller, than a serial entrepreneur. Even at a young age, Ms. Miller was continuously coming up with new ideas that could be developed into businesses.
Ms. Miller’s unique mix of interpersonal attributes plays an important part in her success. Her entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by her desire to test her limits, and never being satisfied with reaching goals.
Ms. Miller’s enjoys the process to start a business, and working with it until it is profitable and sellable.
Susan Miller is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth.

Ms. Miller started her first business, as a single mother of two daughters. She struggled to raise them with no child support and working full time. Owning a small business enabled Ms. Miller to control their destiny, but yet spend quality time with them. Ms. Miller’s understanding of the struggles of women in business encouraged her to start the Women’s Small Business Association, WSBA – LLC. In 2007, Her vision was to encourage women to start their own business, so they can have economic independence, and to help them develop skills needed for entrepreneurial success. She believes that self-employment is a viable and needed option for all women.

WSBA is a business community for women to connect, learn practical and professional strategies from nationally and locally recognized experts, and network with peers.
Mission Statement: To become a valuable resource to businesswomen, by helping and stimulating small and start-up business throughout PA, through networking, opportunities, and education.
Ms. Miller has developed and continues to operate several businesses. She uses her experiences and knowledge to help others launch their business visions with her start-up business coaching. She coaches several clients each month and has become a viable part of personally helping these individuals start their business, and generate new business within her community.
Ms. Miller also donates her time, utilizing her coaching and entrepreneurial skills within her non-profit organization, She Deserves! This organization helps abused women to develop confidence and self-worth, so they can become independent, self-reliant, and take pride in developing their own security, with economic independence.
Ms. Miller is passionate about encouraging economic development within her region, while fostering entrepreneurship and small business development, with a special interest in assisting women. All of Ms. Miller’s business endeavors are platforms to ignite her passion.


• Small Business Association Business Award Nominee 2004
• 2006 PA. Best 50 Women in Business award winner
• 2006 NAWBO’s Make the connection award winner
• Women’s Business Network’s Wondrous Woman 2006 award winner
• Senate of Pennsylvania Special Recognition – Sponsored by State Senator Jane Orie 2005, March 2006, May 2006, April 2007 • 2005 speaker at the PAACC Women’s Leadership Conference
• PA. Office Of Lieutenant Governor Special Recognition – Presented by Catherine Knoll May 2006
• Special Recognition by Senator John Pippy June 2006
• Special Congressional Recognition – Presented by Melissa Hart October 2006
• 2006 Athena Award Nominee
• 2006 Speaker at the PAACC Fast Track Program
• 2016 Global Sisterhood Balance Nominee


• 2006 Speaker at the PAACC Fast Track Program

• 2016 Speaker at the Money, Money, Money Conference

• 2016 Speaker at the WSBA Business Holiday Expo

• 2016 speaker at the Roapmap Conference for Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers

• 2016 Speaker at the Pittsburgh Business Show