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Testimonials efficiently increase revenues.

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Can you share your most recent customer/client testimonials?

Is striving for customer/client testimonials part of your weekly goals? Do you know how to ask for customer/client testimonials?

If you have answered “NO” to any of these questions, then it is time to regroup!

Every business needs consistency, quality,
and a variety of testimonials to increase its revenues.

Customer testimonials offer:
– The most effective advertising for your business
– Keeps you in constant evaluation mode when providing customer service
– Improves customer retention and communications
– Keeps your business consistent with the current trends, “Shop by reviews”
– Strengthens your marketing plan
– Increases brand awareness

Testimonials make it easier for potential customers/clients to turn their consideration into commitment. Every business should be striving to make it easy for a customer/client to invest in their company. Did you know that a customer/client will read at least 10 online reviews before they feel they can trust a business?

Gaining quality testimonials should include key components to be effective. So you when asking for a testimonial, be sure you ask them:

– What problem did your company solve for the customer/client?
– How did your company uniquely solve their problem?
– How did they feel after doing business with your company?

Get skilled in capturing different types of testimonials. Here are the most effective types of testimonials that can be incorporated into your marketing plan.

– Quote testimonial can be gained by a customer/client survey or questionnaire.

– Peer testimonials can be encouraged with customer/client incentives.

– Social testimonials can be encouraged when you regularly share in your social media posts the link to gather the testimonial. 

– Video testimonials can be easily obtained through all social media platforms if the customer/client will commit to doing it. To encourage the production of these video testimonials, incorporate the task into a “mini contest’ that allows them to WIN a reward or prize. To get the most impact from this, you may need to consult with your marketing team.

– Interview testimonial should be gathered by your marketing team and requires some skill to develop it and obtain it. Many times EXPOSURE will encourage this type of testimonial which is attractive to other business owners. They will gain exposure for their business when they provide their testimonial for your business. 

– Influencer testimonial is an affordable paid and powerful testimonial because of the number of people that will reach and become influenced to do business with the company.

Utilizing your customer/client testimonials in your marketing plan will generate new content and leads, which is a constant need with business owners.

When you focus on obtaining customer/client testimonials, you are developing a happy trail for potential customers/clients can follow that leads back to your company!

Susan Miller commits to helping small business owners through  STEER Business Consulting. She utilizes her entrepreneurial experience that she has developed over the last 30+ years while providing SUPPORT that STEERS business towards SUCCESS.