What my clients say

“I have been a member of WSBA for a few years. I am unable to ever attend meetings, but being in need of some mentoring in my small retail business, Quilters Depot; I decided to contact the group. Susan Miller, the Founder, contacted me herself and after doing research on my industry and asking a few questions offered a free consultation to me. She offered me the wisdom of each of her and her husband businesses. In this consultation, she offered excitement, hope, and advice on how to hopefully help my business. If you need a boost or coach Susan is the one you definitely want to contact! Thanks, Susan!”

Jennifer M. Shushnar - Quilters Depot

“I would recommend Susan Miller to teach you whatever you need to know about starting your own business. She is very kind and has a lot of patience as she did with me. She has the knowledge to help you with whatever you need help with, no matter what you need. You can reach out to her at anytime day or night and she will help you just like she helped me. If so, she will face time you or call you to walk you through all the steps that you need help with. All I can say is that Susan is an Awesome person, inside and out!! I would recommend her to Anyone!!”

Joanne Sorge - Williamsburg, Pa.

Susan Miller has educated me and motivated me to keep working! She listened to every concern I had, educated me regarding options for small business support and helped me develop my “next steps.” Her ability to focus on my individual goals, provide options and support my decisions has been life-changing. She gave me the confidence and plan I can follow and be successful!

Heather Waters

When it comes to business and marketing Susan was very helpful in directing me with finding my niche. It was helpful to hear a different perspective. After our conversation I was encourage and ready to give my clients a renewed vision. I am truly thankful for the experience.

Lytia S. Brock